Leadership Capacity

High-performance teams, leveraging talent and resources, benchmarking and promoting corporate social responsibility.

We engage with stakeholders to create fair and just societies. In order for societies to overcome the causes of exclusion and suffering, leadership capacity development is essential. Where effective leadership capacity is limited, knowledge enhancement, infrastructure development and policy initiatives to help bridge health and social gaps for populations, will be hindered.


Organizations need to strengthen processes, as well as human talent and resources, to create fluidity, flexibility and functionality in order to adapt quickly to changing needs and circumstances. Our approach to leadership capacity development is participatory and requires shared ownership and commitment for change and growth. It focuses on: understanding the obstacles that inhibit people, governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations from realizing their developmental goals; and, enhancing abilities that will allow them to achieve measurable and sustainable results. At the heart of our work is creating high-performing teams that can leverage talents and resources to strengthen knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviours of individuals, and improve institutional structures and processes to efficiently meet the organization’s mission and goals over time. We work with the leadership team to modernize existing institutions and support them to formulate sound policies and organizational structures, acquire necessary skills and resources, strengthen or create new partnerships, and develop effective methods of management and service delivery. We support the leadership team to learn from experience and unintended results or consequences, in order that they may engage in effective decision-making. We also help organizations to enhance their monitoring capacity to evaluate progress and modify course based on what is most needed and most effective. Success is measured through relevant benchmarking and performance indicators at individual, institutional and societal levels.


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