Strategic Planning & Implementation

The HPSC Health Policy & Strategies Consultants Inc. guides communities, organizations and governments in creating positive change to reduce health and social disparities globally. We stimulate lateral thinking by helping individuals, teams and communities to think outside the box, and use creative approaches to solve complex problems locally. We support the development of long-term, sustainable health and social planning strategies.

Our services include gap analysis, visioning, development of strategic plans and business strategies, research leading to innovation, knowledge transfer, and change management. We specialize in assisting organizations and communities to develop grant proposals and provide onsite support for project implementation, including monitoring and evaluation of impact of their initiatives on health and social well-being of populations, cost-effectiveness and efficiencies realized, as well as performance and program accountabilities internally and to external partners and funders.

We conduct needs assessments and engage in a systematic approach that involves the formal and informal study of an organization’s core principles and business processes, and target markets and communities they serve. Through this method, we identify program, systems and performance benchmarks. We create success stories and help our clients gain the best advantage. A key strategic approach is to support the learning agenda that helps build internal capacity and create effective collaborations among partners in order to leverage finite resources. Within this strategic approach is the imperative to pay attention to: the needs of those who are living in extreme poverty with consequential poor health outcomes; engendering social and cultural inclusiveness; and, sharing best and promising practices generated through applied research, so others may learn and adapt success models in their countries and local communities.

We help clients develop new ideas and shift perspectives, while remaining true to their foundational values.