Leadership Development


The greatest challenge is developing ourselves to become effective leaders so that we can make significant differences in our societies. Our goal is to provide people a means of going beyond self-interest to being in service to others and to cultivate visionary and practical thinking that inspires hope.

We help develop exemplary leadership, based on individual and collective talent, in order to aid in the development of cultures of ownership and responsibility within organizations, communities and government. We develop high-performance teams by helping clients to revisit their organization’s vision and mission, and by supporting them to bridge knowledge and performance gaps. We do this by identifying and strengthening the connection between, and alignment of, the efforts of individual leaders and the systems through which they influence organizational operations. Our consultants stimulate openness and transparency that generates creative dialogue and collective accountability.

We utilize a number of tools aimed at developing leadership capacity within existing infrastructures. Our approach helps organizations to also forge strategic partnerships and alliances that are mutually beneficial. Much of our work is based on action learning which involves participants studying their own actions and experiences and developing learning goals and strategies to improve performance. We use multi-source feedback to help individuals and teams harness their potentials and propel themselves to new heights. We integrate a range of developmental experiences, including executive coaching, mentoring and consultation.

We help people to move from effectiveness to greatness.