Global Health Policy

Policy reviews, strategic policy advice, sustainable change to reduce health and social disparities, poverty and marginalization.

Navigating troubled waters, negotiating skillfully through a maze of difficult circumstances and designing effective policy solutions, is the key to successfully mitigating the ill effects of poverty and marginalization, and promoting health equity. Access to prevention, health promotion and high quality, cost-effective health care unquestionably will help reduce premature deaths and life-long disabilities. Global health policy efforts must be more strategic, integrated and sustainable over the long term. Fairness as a cornerstone of policies and values of equity and social justice must be inherently embedded in global health policies if we are to alleviate suffering and create thriving societies where no one is left behind. Courage, vision and passion on the part of policy decision makers and funders are vital in order to make a lasting difference in people’s lives.


Our actions determine how and to what extent societies will move beyond mere survival to thriving in health and social well-being. We need to ask ourselves whether our actions aim to create just and thriving societies that has respect for human lives irrelevant of boundaries imposed by people and structures. In order for decision makers to create well-informed policies, they need trusted advisors and staff who are resourceful in engaging stakeholders and have the skills required for policy analysis, risk and impact assessments, and translation of policies into implementable plans. We work directly with policy makers, country experts and staff to better understand the critical challenges they face with competing priorities, as well demands on human and capital resources, and their needs for knowledge translation and capacity building. Our approach is centered on leveraging the local know-how, evidence-based best practice models, and effective policy development frameworks to help create just policies and conditions to improve the quality of life for the population at large. We support public administrators through dialogues, leadership engagement and policy decision-making tools to become more interactive, responsive and accountable for their actions to the public and funders.