Organizing Policy Dialogues


Our strength lies in bringing together diverse opinions and groups to converge on meaningful, relevant and sustainable policy initiatives and pragmatic solutions to complex problems. We bring communities, policy makers and researchers together to develop strategic and enduring partnerships in order to bridge the research-policy-education-practice gap and explore public policy questions that could benefit from systematic investigations.

Our services include organization and facilitation of policy dialogues and roundtables, including workshops aimed at seeking multi-stakeholder inputs on complex issues such as human rights, social justice, health equity and alleviating poverty. We bring experience in having successfully coordinated an international health policy roundtable that brought Ministers and senior health officials to deliberate on mental health and addictions policy and best practices.

In order to exchange information and build consensus, the policy dialogues that we hold are carefully constructed deliberative meetings that address both politically controversial and technically complex aspects of health and social issues. We encourage discussions between the public, private and civic sector leaders, and those who are in a position to forge alliances, to make decisions that will strongly influence the trajectory of possible solutions to challenging issues. We create successful policy deliberations through issue focusing and convening, information exchange and discussions, and negotiation through solution seeking and consensus building techniques. We use critical inquiry tools, creativity and robust brainstorming methodologies and agreement making methods that bring about specific joint decisions.

We believe in your collective noble intent to make life better for others.