Innovation Lab

Applied research, knowledge translation, implementing practical solutions for meaningful change.

Welcome to a world of infinite possibilities and social justice at its best. We find potential in the world’s most unexpected places. Our work has inspired possibilities that did not exist before. Our innovation lab situated within communities, is the key to developing new knowledge that is context-specific, culturally compatible, resource optimizing and equity promoting.


We believe sharing models that have worked in one place does not guarantee they will work elsewhere – what is needed is critically appraising best practices for fit and adapting evidence-based models to improve practices. Our approach to innovation is that knowledge is inherently present within all that communities do, but that it needs to be contextualized within the setting, culture, and resource bound constraints and opportunities such that best practices developed are relevant and meaningful in generating high impact solutions at the local, regional and national levels. We harness the power of the people within the communities, students and experts to define and solve complex problems through courage, curiosity and systematic application of research methods, all the while paying attention to the socio-political and resource issues that could promote or potentially hinder progress. Local, regional and national institutions that are able to perform better and sustain their performance over time, even during insurmountable circumstances, can contribute more meaningfully to reducing human suffering and improving the quality of lives of people globally.


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