Government Relations & Policy Advice


Government policy decisions have a significant impact in the way populations are able to manage their lives and their health. Public policies have direct and indirect impact on the health and social well-being of populations, and can have differential impact on health outcomes for diverse populations. Understanding the complexity of government policy decision making is crucial to influencing policies that create equity in access to health and social resources and that serve to reduce health disparities within populations.

We bring understanding and hands-on experience of government processes and facilitation of cross-sector negotiations that build consensus and effective partnerships between levels of government. We are acutely aware of diverse needs of our clients and are sensitive to socio-political, cultural, economic and environmental issues that must be taken into account to provide sound policy advice. Our consultants have participated on a number of think tanks to improve the quality of life of marginalized populations, and provided advice to government officials including Ministers, Deputy Ministers and senior officials on various health and social issues. Our expertise includes policy development, preparing briefing notes and strategy documents, generating guidelines and planning frameworks, and utilizing various methods to evaluate progress and impacts of policies on populations and communities.

We provide strategic advice to all levels of governments to create sound, implementable policies that can have significant impacts in bridging the health gap for populations. We research, formulate and analyze options, including generating discussion papers and reports that allow senior decision makers in government to create well informed policies and regulations. We have conducted policy analysis and reviews that have supported governments to move forward with their health and social policy agendas and create well-thought-out and comprehensive health plans at the local, regional and country levels. We also provide policy advice to public and non-profit sectors on health, social, public safety and environmental issues encompassing urban and rural planning. Our consultants bring expertise in human rights law, social justice, health equity, international health policy, health care planning and poverty reduction.

We support your efforts in creating effective policies to reduce health and social disparities for the most vulnerable.