Consultation, Support & System Integration


We believe that leveraging talent and resources and working collaboratively is the key to creating effective, sustainable legacies. We offer advice to develop robust processes and strategies that support operational excellence and accountability. Our risk adjusted performance methods and tools help organizations and communities to increase stakeholder confidence while protecting against adverse impacts on people’s health and social well-being.

Our consultation services include, but are not limited to, onsite and online consultation to support organizations, communities and all levels of government, with anchoring change. We bring expertise in the focus areas of policy development, international health policy, human rights, health equity, social justice, and reducing health and social disparities. We provide services that support civic engagement and stakeholder dialogues in order to guide organizations and communities to work collaboratively towards a shared vision and common goals.

Our strength lies in management of complex initiatives that require a comprehensive suite of skills and abilities and communication effectiveness. We specialize in developing multi-faceted consultative methodology that allow for concept mapping through to execution of strategies, and generation of reports. Our approaches support star integration that helps each system be interconnected to each of the remaining subsystems, thus supporting organizational and community flexibility in developing practical solutions, enhancing functionality and promoting effective decision making.

We take pride in delivering the highest quality of services that are relevant, on time and on budget.